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Menstrual Cycle: From Enemy to Ally


In this week's episode, I describe how I discovered the power of my menstrual cycle after I suffered from a burnout and how it helped me boost my productivity during my Bachelor's Degree and now in my business.

How I use my menstrual cycle

  • I plan my different tasks (ex. launches, content creation, collaborations, etc.) based on the phases of my cycle.

  • I also plan my breaks based on my cycle (ex. more rest during the luteal and menstrual phase).

  • Most importantly, I use my cycle to alert me when I’m heading towards exhaustion.

The advantages of knowing your menstrual cycle

  • It helps you feel more in touch with your body and yourself.

  • It allows you to better understand your patterns: mood, emotions, energy, actions, etc.

  • It gives you information on your overall health (regularity of the period, color of the blood, lack of energy over various cycles, etc.).

  • It helps you feel less guilty for needing to rest in certain phases.

  • It can help you prevent burnout by having a balance between active and rest phases.

Menstrual Cycle Workbook Access

The advantages of using your menstrual cycle in your business

  • It allows you to have a guide that helps you through all the necessary stages you need to develop your business, your offers, your ideas, etc.

  • It helps you plan your tasks and do them when you’re primed to do so.

  • It pushes you to complete your tasks with the right energy.

  • It allows you to be more aligned with yourself.

  • It helps you do things in the flow.

  • It allows you to work more efficiently in the long run, without exhausting yourself.

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