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How to Organize Your Month & Year with Astrology

Hello Zen Organizer!

Today's episode is a bit different than usual! We're going to talk about organization and productivity, but from a different angle than usual. Indeed, we're going to talk about the influence the celestial bodies can have on our productivity and organization throughout the month (under the influence of the moon) and the year (under the influence of the planets).

To talk about this link between astrology and organization, I've invited Amba, a yoga therapist, energy specialist and astrologer, as well as the author of the podcast and blog Manipura. If you speak French and are interested in spirituality, I highly recommend listening to her podcast, it's a gold mine!

She also offers different services such as energetic therapy, card reading, and astrological chart reading. You can book a session with her here (sessions can be in French or English)!

How is astrology related to organization and productivity?

It's important to remember that, as humans, we are submitted to the cycles of the Universe, like birth, evolution, death, the season cycle, etc. There are cycles everywhere in nature and, by being part of nature ourselves, we're also cyclic beings. But if we ignore our cyclic nature, it's like ignoring a part of who we are.

And that's one of the problems with our modern societies: they ignore this cyclic nature and promote a linear paradigm in which we have to be constantly productive and energetic.

But, as cyclical beings, we need to rest, and we actually need to rest to maintain our productivity in the long run.

There's a time to be productive, but there's also a time to take breaks. - Amba

So astrology helps us bring back the conscience of these cycles, and we can use this super clock of the universe to guide us through the months and the year.

How to organize yourself with the moon cycle (monthly organization)

The cycle of the moon lasts 28 days, so it's perfect to organize yourself over the month. Using this cycle to organize yourself allows you to follow a rhythm, helps you be more aligned with your energy, and also helps you work through different aspects of organization and productivity that are all essential to the achievement of any project or goal thanks to its four phases.

Phase 1: New Moon

Season: Winter

Element: Air

Keywords: rest, introspection, organization

This phase is all about new beginnings and setting your intentions for this new cycle. It's a phase of rest, introspection, goal-setting, and planning. It's an essential phase because it allows you to assess your direction and make sure you get there as efficiently as possible.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself during this phase:

  • Where am I going?

  • What are my goals?

  • What steps should I take to get there?

Phase 2: Waxing Moon

Season: Spring

Element: Fire

Keywords: action, determination, productivity, empowerment

This phase is all about action! No more excuses, no more doubts, it's time to get to work!

So put all the plans you've made during Phase 1 into action. Give it all that you've got, take opportunities, create what you want to create.

However, the danger with this phase is that we'd like to stay in this period all the time because that's what our modern societies promote and encourage.

But as mentioned at the beginning, any productive period must be followed by a resting period. So make the most of this phase, but also accept the other phases, which are all as important as this one!

Phase 3: Full Moon

Season: Summer

Element: Water

Keywords: energy, collaboration, communication

In this phase, the energy of the moon is at its highest point, giving us a burst of energy as well. That's why many people find it difficult to sleep around this time of the month.

It's in this phase that the results of the previous two phases start to manifest. Take the time to appreciate your hard work!

This is also a good time to communicate and collaborate with other people. If you need to present your new project or if you have to talk in front of people, this is the best moment to do it!

Emotions also play an important role during this phase and it's important to express them so you don't accumulate frustration.

Phase 4: Waning Moon

Season: Fall

Element: Earth

Keywords: retrospection, review, creativity

This phase is all about retrospection and reviewing what happened during the cycle.

It's a good moment to look at your sales, your partnerships, your strategies (content, marketing, sales, etc.), your launch, the structure of your business, etc.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask yourself during this phase:

  • What happened during the last month?

  • What worked well? What didn't work well?

  • Should I keep going with this project or should I let it go?

  • What could be improved?

The goal of this phase is to start the new upcoming cycle with a clean slate!

How to organize yourself based on the astrological signs (yearly organization)


Period: mid-March to mid-April

Element: Fire

Keywords: action, determination, leadership

It's the best time to get started on this project you've been wanting to do! This sign will give you the determination and courage you need to set your fears aside and take the leap!


Period: mid-April to mid-May

Element: Earth

Keywords: stability, security, tenacity

Under the influence of this sign, you'll get the energy to keep working on your project and build strong foundations to make sure it lasts in the long run. This sign provides you with marathon-like energy that allows you to bring more stability to your project.

It's also a good time to find what nourishes your project and make sure you give it everything it needs to continue in the long run.


Period: mid-May to mid-June

Element: Air

Keywords: flexibility, curiosity, research

This is a good time to take on small partnerships and see what others are doing.

It's also a good season to get inspired, be curious, explore new ideas, do some research. This wind of newness will be good for you and your project! It's all about bringing flexibility into your project.


Period: mid-June to mid-July

Element: Water

Keywords: comfort zone, emotions, introspection

Like every other period governed by a water sign, this is not a propitious moment for productivity. This isn't also a good moment to get out of your comfort zone.

But it doesn't mean this period isn't useful!

It's the perfect moment to reflect on what happened in the last months, analyze what is blocking you in your project, verify you're going in the right direction, etc.

It's a very emotional period, so make sure you listen to what your emotions and intuition are telling you to take the right decision in the following seasons.

So if you're not productive during this season, don't be too hard on yourself! You need these moments of reflection to better move forward after!


Period: mid-July to mid-August

Element: Fire

Keywords: communication, passion, letting go

It's communication time! This is a good season to present your project and talk about it as well as show your expertise.

Also, it's a period in which you prefer to pursue your passion and not your logic! So work on the project you're truly passionate about and let go of the ones that don't bring you joy anymore.


Period: mid-August to mid-September

Element: Earth

Keywords: organization, discipline, perfectionism

It's back-to-school season and it's characterized by organization and discipline!

This is a great moment to put good habits and routines into place because the energy of the Virgo will help you with regularity.

It's also an excellent time to organize the next few months and sort out what you want to keep working on and what you need to let go.

Finally, if you need to focus on the details, do it in this season! The perfectionist side of Virgo will help you do things at their best. But be careful: you might tend to become too perfectionist in this season and feel like you don't do enough or that you're not good enough.


Period: mid-September to mid-October

Element: Air

Keywords: partnership, mediation, balance

This is the perfect season for big partnerships and collaborations. Use your mediation skills to surround yourself with the right people to help you move forward with your project.

Also, analyze how you can balance your project to make it more harmonious. Is there an aspect that is too dominant? Are you dedicating too much time to something that doesn't require as much?

Everything is about balance with this sign!


Period: mid-October to mid-November

Element: Water

Keywords: destruction, introspection, mutation

This is a season of destruction. If a project isn't working, if you're not getting the expected results, or if you don't believe in it anymore, let it go so you can rise better in the next sign!

Scorpio season isn't about outward productivity but about inward productivity. It's an important moment of introspection to analyze what makes sense to you and what doesn't, which direction you want to take, how you can improve on your way of doing things, what are your limits, etc.

This period is emotionally intense, but it's only difficult if you try to keep going in a direction that doesn't make sense for you anymore.


Period: mid-November to mid-December

Element: Fire

Keywords: goals, faith, optimism

Ahhh the period before Christmas! It's full of optimism, energy, and euphoria.

This is the right moment to set goals and to put your energy in the projects in which you believe. Dream big, be ambitious, and be open to abundance.

If you don't open your arms, nothing will come. So this is really the season to open your arms and let the Christmas gifts come to you! - Amba

It's also the perfect moment to explore new ideas and projects. Take courses and learn new things or to teach your knowledge and share your expertise with others.


Period: mid-December to mid-January

Element: Earth

Keywords: hard work, challenge, structure

Capricorn season is all about challenges. This is the perfect moment to work on that new project or goal of yours and make it happen! This period gives you the energy and the structure that are necessary to bring your goals and your projects to completion.

And to bring your projects to term, you might feel like isolating yourself to get as much work done as possible. This is not a good moment for collaboration and partnerships.

Rather, it's a moment of intense productivity and hard work. But be careful not to fall in the trap of setting your expectations too high!


Period: mid-January to mid-February

Element: Air

Keywords: innovation, audacity, change, originality

This is a time for inspiration, innovation, audacity. If you have new ideas, welcome them. If you want to change things in your projects, organization, process, etc., it's also a good moment to do it.

If you want to do improve your communication through the Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), it's also the right season. If you want to launch a new website or change the design of your current one, try a new social network, launch a YouTube channel or a podcast, etc., now is the time to do it!

Finally, it's the perfect season to show your originality and your authentic self.


Period: mid-February to mid-March

Element: Water

Keywords: letting go, rest, sensitivity

This season is all about letting go. Don't expect to be productive during this season. Like the other water seasons, it's all about inward productivity.

Let yourself go with the flow, dream, follow your emotions and your intuition. Take this time to assess what you want to work on in the next season.

It's also a moment of great empathy, so be careful not to be caught in other people's problems, needs, and projects, especially if they drain your energy.

You will need your energy to start the new zodiacal year with the Aries season!

Bonus: Basic Astrology Notions

3 important signs in your birth chart

Solar sign: personality

Rising sign: behaviour

Moon sign: emotions

General characteristics of the signs

This is a very very general overview of the signs and their characteristic. But everybody is different and your solar sign isn't the only one that influences your personality. There are many other elements in your birth chart that compose your personality. So you might not recognize yourself in the following descriptions.


  • Enjoys challenges and getting out of his/her comfort zone

  • A natural leader

  • Innovative


  • Someone you can lean on

  • Focuses on the long-term

  • Wants security and prosperity


  • Quick learner

  • Sociable and a good communicator

  • Doesn't like routine and repetition


  • Afraid of getting out of his/her comfort zone

  • Very sensitive and needs emotional security

  • Very intuitive and creative


  • Very passionate

  • Likes to participate in projects that light him/her up.

  • Prefers feelings over logic


  • Goes with what is logical to do.

  • Good with routine work

  • Very precise and perfectionist


  • Good mediator

  • Very empathetic

  • Diplomatic


  • Great determination and focus

  • Excellent when it comes to transforming a project

  • Good for deep introspection work


  • Good for project expansion

  • Very idealistic

  • Excellent teachers


  • Good for structure and order

  • Very responsible

  • Good manager


  • Innovative, trend-setter

  • Original

  • Highly intellectual


  • Highly empathetic

  • Good listener

  • Artistic


I hope you found this topic as interesting as I did and that it will be useful in your organization!

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