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Introducing the Zenly Organized Podcast!

Hello Zen Organizer,

I am glad to introduce my latest project: the Zenly Organized Podcast!

The goal of the podcast is to help busy workers that are always running out of time and energy to live a fulfilling, meaningful, and zen life with more time to dedicate to themselves, their projects, dreams, hobbies, and loved ones.

Throughout the episodes, we’ll explore concrete ways to better organize yourself so you can live a fulfilling, meaningful, and zen life – the life you truly want and deserve. We’ll talk about productivity tips, minimalism, goal setting, habit formation, personal development, self-care, and much more!

You’ll find concrete tips, strategies, and tools, useful resources, and interesting interviews every 1st and 3rd Monday! Don’t hesitate to check the articles on the blog to find episode transcripts, downloadable worksheets, and more tips!

You can listen to the podcast directly on the blog or on the following platforms:

You can also find them on the apps Overcast, Castro, Cast Box (under the name Zenly Organized).

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform so you never miss an episode! And if you find it useful, leave a review! It's an easy way to help the podcast get discovered by other people!

I hope you will enjoy it and that I'll help you be more organized!

Best regards,


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