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Why and How to Take Breaks More Often


Welcome back to the Zenly Organized Podcast!

After a two-month break from the podcast, I explain in this episode why I took this break, but most importantly, why we should all take breaks more regularly as well as how to take them.

So if you also struggle with taking time off every now and then, this episode is for you!

What are the advantages of taking breaks?

  • They help boost your energy. You need to rest if you want to recharge your batteries.

  • They boost your performance. It's hard to produce quality work when you're exhausted.

  • They help you see the bigger picture. When we're too focused on something, we tend to forget the reason why we're doing something and the way it connects with everything else.

  • They foster creativity. The best ideas usually come when we're relaxed and not thinking about what we have to create.

  • They reduce stress and help improve your overall well-being and health.

Tips to take short breaks more regularly

  • Set an alarm on your phone every hour or more if you're doing deep and focused work. But make sure you take at least one break every two hours.

  • Plan your breaks in your schedule before you plan anything else.

  • Do something you enjoy during your breaks, so you look forward to taking them. For example, you can go for a walk, do yoga, drink coffee, talk with someone, etc.

Tips to take longer breaks

  • Plan a few week-long breaks (or longer) during the year.

  • Then plan and organize your big tasks and projects around these breaks, so you can go on holiday without having to work.

  • Delegate some of your tasks during these breaks, whether it be to a colleague or a contractor.

  • If you can't completely leave, automate your tasks as much as possible (more on that in episode #16)

And most importantly, don't feel guilty for taking time off! If you don't take time off, you risk exhausting yourself. And you're no good to anyone if you're burned out. So take care of yourself regularly and don't skip on the breaks!

I wish you a zenly organized week,


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