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How to Go on Vacation Serenely When You're an Entrepreneur

Hey there!

We're in July, which means it's time to go on holiday, yaaaaaaaaay! 😎

Ok, you might not go right away. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for it in advance! On the contrary, the better prepared you'll be, the more you'll be able to enjoy your holiday in peace.

Even entrepreneurs deserve to take some time off now and then! You need to go on vacation and stand back from your business a few times a year to recharge your batteries. Because if you don't, you risk exhaustion. And without you, how will your business go forward...?

So don't feel guilty about going on holiday. It's for the good of your business as much as yours! 😉

Here are a few tips to help you leave for a few days or weeks without completely abandoning your business.

1. Plan ahead

  • When will you be on holiday?

  • What will be the terms of your vacation?

  • Will you completely off?

  • Will you be a bit active?

  • Are you taking a break from posting content?

  • Do you still want to post content? If you, will you schedule them or will you post them manually?

  • Adjust your availability in your scheduling app and/or your calendar.

2. Get organized

  • If you want to post content during your vacation and/or maintain some activity, batch your content and program it in the weeks before your holiday.

  • If you're going away for a long time or if you can't put your activity on pause, delegate your crucial tasks to someone (ex. reply to emails, manage social media, maintain your customer service, etc.).

  • If you don't usually delegate, onboard the person a few weeks ahead to make sure everything will run smoothly when you're away. Check that your processes are clear and polished up!

  • If you plan on maintaining some activity during your holiday, schedule the moments in which you'll be available beforehand.

  • When you come back, schedule one or two days dedicated only to get up to date. Don't schedule appointments or client work. You'll need some time to read your emails, reply to your messages and comments on social media, deal with any problems that might have occurred, etc.

3.Communicate your departure with your clients, partners, audience, etc.

  • Tell them you'll be on vacation and specify the terms of your availability. Warn them your response time will be longer than usual or indicate the moment in which you'll reply.

  • Put automatic responses into place:

  • on all your emails accounts

  • on your social media accounts (for Facebook and Instagram, you can create one on your Facebook page's settings (go to your page → inbox → click on "Automated Responses" in the upper-right corner → click on "Away Message" → set your message)

I hope these tips will help you have a more relaxing and zen holiday!


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